TV SHOW IN DEVELOPMENT (Developed in Germany in the international film school of cologne)

Logline: A Syrian pigeon whisperer first becomes a refugee, then a drug smuggler, then a criminal, then he finds home.

Genre: Drama/Political thriller

Format: Mini Series (6 eps/1 hours)

The Series Overview:

The pigeon whisperer, a political thriller that asks the question of what it means for someone to find home. The series uses some elements of Picasso’s Guernica to give a modern comment on being a refugee and losing one’s home through
the POV of Dabbour, a Syrian refugee and a pigeon whisperer.
The symbols will also form the structure of the six episodes of the Mini-series: Connecting the overall theme and the message.

The Mini-Series at its core and through its ensemble of characters tries to answer the question: What is home?

At the center of the Series comes Dabbour, our main character. Constant, static, while everything around him moves and changes. People around him are crystal clear in their motives, and their objectives but he is not. They all understand so well what it means to live in one’s home, but not him.

Bereft from actual home, Dabbour’s definition of home changes through the Series. Each of these characters surrounding Dabbour provides him with a new perspective and a new definition of home as he learns to see home differently. For the ensemble, a picture at the end of each episode resembles what home means.